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Por: Interativa Válvulas | Industria | Em: 06/04/2022

Butterfly valves have been on the market for many years, and over the years, there have been improvements and adjustments in order to meet the daily needs and demands of industries in different segments.
The changes have been made mainly due to security issues, which is an operational priority of every industry process regardless of the business sector.
There has been a noticeable increase in environmental and occupational safety regulatory requirements. Especially when it comes to fires in places that have flammable fluids, it is essential to use valves that meet this need and these valves are called Fire-Safe Butterfly Valves.

Let's get to know a little more about how Fire-Safe Butterfly Valves work (fireproof) and their importance!

Do you know what a butterfly valve with Fire-Safe requirement is?
When a valve is able to maintain the fluid sealing property of its seat, packing and body, even when exposed to a fire, it is considered a fireproof or fire-safe valve.

How important is this requirement in a butterfly valve?
With this requirement, the fluid passing through the pipeline and being contained by the valve, even though it is flammable, will not leak to feed and make the fire worse. This is essential for the industrial sector safety, life and environmental preservation as well as the protection of the equipment itself. 

How does the valve meet this requirement?
Valves are certified when subjected to laboratory testing with guidelines and criteria in accordance with ISO 10497 and API 607 ​​standards.

Which segments use and benefit from the Fire-Safe Butterfly Valve the most?
Petrochemical and Oil and Gas.
INTERATIVA offers the Fire-Safe Series-RK Butterfly Valve to the market, with the widest variety of materials and the design versatility allows the RK series to meet the various application needs, providing longer life and less maintenance.

RK Series Bi-Eccentric Valves
Construction standard: API 609 Category B
End: Wafer / Lug / Flanged
Body: long and short
Face to face: API 609 Category B / ISO 5752 Tab. 1 Col. 20
Dimensions: RK: 2” to 24” and RT: 26” to 54” (others on request)
Pressure Limits: 150# / 300# (others on request)
Headquarters: PTFE / RTFE / Inter-hard / Inter-steam / Stansit / AISI 316 / Incoloy
Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 WCB / Stainless Steel A-351 CF8M / CF8
PTFE / RTFE / Inter-hard / Inter-steam / Graphite / PTFE
Stainless steel ASTM A-564 Tp. 630 (17-4PH)
Chromed Stainless Steel ASTM A-351 CF8M / Chromed Stainless Steel ASTM A-276 S316

VKT-Series Tri-Eccentric Valves
Construction standard: API 609 Cat. B
End: Wafer / Lug / Flanged
Body: Long and Short
Face to face: API 609 Cat. B / ISO 5752
Dimensions: 3” to 24” (others on request)
Pressure Limits: 150# / 300# (others on request)
Test Standard: API 598
Certification: Fire Safe / API 607 ​​/ ISO 10497
A216 WCB, A351 CF8M, B148 C95800, ASTM A 995 5A / 6A.
Stellite® Weld Overley
ASTM A-564 Tp.630, Monel K500, A276 UNS S31803, UNS S32750 / S32760.
UNS S31803+Grafite*, AISI 316 + Grafite*, Monel K500 + Grafite*, UNS S32750 / S32760 + Grafite*.

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